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November 8, 2006

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Team Trophy Challenge 2000 Wrap-Up

by Doug Shipman

The TTC 2000 will go down as having one heck of a finish. With 2200 points possible, and 8 Teams within 300 points of first place, it came down to two Teams. And what a pair of Teams they were. One driving Land Rovers and the other in Jeeps. Not only that, but all on coil suspension. So what did we have them do? The ole, change opposing wheels without the use of a jack. It went down to the wire, with the winning Team pulling it out by 3 lug nuts.

Congratulations to the Team of Chuck Fletcher w/navigator Rick Pewe and Pat Meiwes w/navigator Rob Meiwes. They showed great consistency over the 30hrs.

As it always has been, and will be, good Team work played the biggest part of the competition. But, the luck of the draw, and vehicle preparedness were also of great importance. We take great care in drawing out Teams randomly for the start. We then look over the order and make sure Clubs, friends, and sometimes vehicle makes are separated. To keep things impartial, this is done by three different club members from three different clubs. Interestingly, Team 11, which left last in their group, was one of the Teams tied in the run-off. Team 10, which placed a true 2nd, left in the middle of another group. What this shows us is that you can leave anywhere and win, it just takes more from one position to another.

We have had our wrap-up meeting and discussed the good and bad of this years TTC. Yes we had back-ups, yes some got misinformation, and yes, some got lost! We feel that we have improved each year and I feel that the 7th TTC will be better yet.

For 2001 you will see a different ending. We will wrap-up the main competition by 10a.m. Sunday. From here we will take the top 5 or 6 Teams and have a run-off in the camp area using Special Tasks. This will make a pressure packed ending which, will be fun to watch for everyone.

A quick run-down of some of this years Tasks follows:


This is a premier competition balance because it's sooo sensitive. As the print-out shows, not very many could this year.


Amazing how things look going in reverse. Had some close calls to roll this year, but they pulled it out. Next year!


Techniques varied widely. The side slope wasn't much, but loose. Gives me more ideas for next year.

Time Trial

Many of you recognized this from last years Time Trial. We ran it in the opposite direction this year. The dry weather made the times more doable this year. Only had one, roll but many benders.


We brought this Task back by popular demand. Having it in camp was great for those in camp to watch. The lack of mud, made it non-eventful.

Mechanical (Or u-joint task)

Some of you have never changed a u-joint!

Night Trial

The two big factors here were, what side did you start on, and how long of a strap did you use.


Many were calling this more of a physical task. Much huffin and puffin towards the end, but many laughs by most. Some Teams were quite smooth, others wished they had a kid with them.


Because we sent you so far out Saturday, we used the Rally to bring you back. It worked out well, we tossed in the Dead Zone to break it up. The problem here was the Team that wouldn't listen to the workers in the Zone and slid off the side. This caused a hour in a half delay. They knew it all I guess.

After hearing the punch flags were getting too easy to spot, I made up for it. No Team got them all on Saturday, and they were in plain site! On Sunday, we had one flag in each section placed wrong by us. Oh well, that's part of the challenge.

I look forward to seeing most of you next year. You can rest assured, it will be challenging at times, confusing at times, frustrating at times, and hopefully FUN. Keep-up the good side of four-wheeling. Remember, we have a image we must maintain if we are to keep our trails open. Get involved in your local forest planning! And above all, let's




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