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November 8, 2006

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TTC 2002 Winners
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Team Trophy Challenge 2002 Wrap-Up

by Doug Shipman

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Congratulations to this years winning Team #16 of Don Harmon and Karl Talburt. The competition each year has gotten stiffer, and this year was more intense than ever. Of the seven Teams which made the finals, only 60 points came between the first four places. Each of the Teams making the finals had a chance to win, but #16 put the best performance together in the end. Good Job, and I look forward to seeing a great run-off next year.

We put all Teams thru their paces all day Saturday and in thru the night. The field is showing up more prepared each year as this year saw the highest completion rate of Teams. Does that mean the weekend was too easy? I hope not, your just more ready. The variety of Tasks worked well. The twist to the Balance Task was interesting. Some of you even drove off the edge. Team #18 did it in 30 seconds, but had to drop out of the competition with mechanical problems. Team #15 was a runaway in the Tow Task at 35 seconds. Nobody came close to them. #16 did exceptional in the Speed Task at 55 seconds.

The Medical Task was popular again, but how do you pick a winner when so many Teams have paramedics and doctors on board. We had a number tie for first here. What this has always shown us is the diverse variety of skills you all have. No one Team excelled in all the Tasks, but each had the opportunity to show their stuff. No Team in the final seven had multiple high finishes in the Task. It took a good overall average to make it in. 100 pts went to the first place Teams in each Task. Every Team got points for just trying a Task, even if they came in last.

On the finals for Sunday, Teams received points for their ranking from the previous days activities. The scores up to that points were treated as a Task. It was scored equally to the four Tasks of the day. This meant you were scored as if you did five Tasks Sunday. What this did was give each Team a chance to win. The top two spots remained the same, but Team #9 was able to place in the top three, missing 2nd by only 10 points.

Score printouts can be had on the results page. If you need more specific info, please contact me by phone (503-661-5123) or email.

Please remember that this event couldn't happen without the volunteers and tremendous hours of help they give. Please take time to thank them when you see them. Also, we can't do this without the use of OUR forests. Please be responsible and get envolved in land issues. we need to "Keep Public Lands Public," and we need your help. A good portion of your entry goes towards this cause, and we will continue in the effort.

Thank you all for showing up and putting on a good exhibition of off-roading skills. We look forward to seeing most of you next year. Keep the weekend after Mother's Day open.




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